Using Google Earth for Time Travel

You are probably raising your eyes brows and saying what is this guy talking about? Can we really travel through time using Google Earth as our time machine?

Sure. Why not?  But it is not the kind of trip that you expect. First off, your journey will be less perilous and you don't have to worry about affecting the time space continuum.

1. Open Google Earth
2. At the top of your screen you will see an icon that looks like a clock.
3. This will give you a slider with a starting year and ending year indicated.

You can use this slider to see what changed occurred at a your chosen place at certain points in time.

Lets time travel in Beijing.

1. Type 2008 Olympics Stadium in the Fly To search box.

2. This will take us to the National Stadium in Beijing.

3. Click the Slider and drag it to 2001. Then slowly slide it to 2008.

You will see how the National Stadium progressed from being just a barren land to what it is now today.

Nice huh. 

There are other things you can do with this software. To know more you can refer to my article Google Earth Free Version.


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