Desktop vs Laptop

There use to be a time when laptops were less powerful than desktops. But this is not true anymore. For every powerful PC, you can buy an equally powerful laptop computer.

So what is the reason you would buy one over the other.


Laptops have the advantage of being easy to carry around anywhere. If you are going on a business trip and you need to work, a laptop is the solution.

You will have no problem surfing the internet as long as there is a connection available. You can also do presentations anywhere. You can run your slide shows made with either Powerpoint or Flash.

Laptops can also handle processor intensive uses. In fact there are some graphic artist and programmers who now work exclusively with a laptop.

If you are a writer, and you like to write while you are visiting exotic places, you can't go wrong with a laptop.

Speaking of graphic artist, there are many programmers who bring along their laptop when they are shooting on location. The reason for this is that they can immediately download their pictures so that they can take advantage of the larger storage capacity than what is provided by their digital camera.

Replaceable Computer Parts

The one disadvantage of laptops as compared to desktops is that their parts are not as replaceable.

Often you have to go to the manufacturer if you need them fixed or you need to replace a broken component.

A good example is a monitor problem, if the monitor broken you will need it repaired by the manufacturer.

Unlike when you have a desktop computer, you will just need to buy a new monitor.

With desktops, if the graphics card, memory, sound card, etc. gets busted, you can simply buy a new one.

However, desktops should be left to stay in one place. It can either be in your office or at home. Because they are just too impractical to carry around.


Therefore when you are thinking of buying a desktop vs laptop, you buy a laptop because you need a portable computer or buy desktop if you want a computer that can easily be fixed.


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