Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Earth Free Version

This software comes in three versions: Google Earth Free Version, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Pro version comes with additional features that are geared towards business organizations. Meanwhile, the Enterprise version allows you to deploy the software on your own server.

Both also comes with email support and access to comprehensive Help Center.

Having said that, there a lot of things you can do the Free Version and it is very useful.

( You can download the software here > )

What You can do with Google Earth Free Version

1. You can use it like a map. It can help you find a particular street and visit places you are not familiar with.

2. It will even show you what establishments are present in a particular area. Let's say you plan to visit a Museum. After having located it using Google Earth, you can also see if there are any cafeterias or restaurants around the area. You can also see if there are nearby souvenir stores.

3. You can see satellite views of historic places and important landmarks. So far I have visited the Great Wall of China, and the Stonehenge in UK. Unfortunately, I could not see the large statues when I visited Easter Island in Chile. The satellite view was blocked by many trees.

But should you be interested in visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Saint Peter's Basilica in Italy, you can easily do that.

Wow that was the cheapest around the world tour I ever made. And I didn't even have to leave home.

But of course nothing beats visiting the real thing in person.

4. If you get tired of visiting important landmarks why not dive into the ocean and look at the ocean floor.

5. If you get tired of that also you can visit the Moon. You can even go to Mars after you have finished exploring the moon.

6. You can also do time travel? Seriously you can do that with the software. There is a slider in Google Earth Free Version that will allow you to track changes that happened to a place at different points in time.