Friday, December 3, 2010

GIMP: How to Enable Wacom Pen Tablet

If you are doing digital graphics in Gimp, whether painting or simply drawing, it is best to use a pen tablet. Wacom is a recognized brand when it comes to pen tablets. Gimp does support it but it is not enabled by default.

How to Enable Pen Tablet Support

1. Launch Gimp using your pen tablet. Don't use the mouse to launch Gimp. If you do, Gimp won't detect it.

2. In the menu click Edit>Preference.

3. On the list click "Input Devices".

4. Click "Configure Extended Input Decives". Here is where Gimp gets weird. If you started Gimp for the first time using a mouse, it will say there are no available input device. But if you launched it using the pen tablet, you will see "Wacom Tablet Pressure Stylus" and "Wacom Tablet Eraser".

5. Click the Close Button

6. Click "Save Input Device Settings Now" so that the pen tablet will still be supported when you launch Gimp next time.


ilutiern said...

It finally worked now... Thanks so much!

Tomas said...

And... what if I open Gimp whit a mouse for the first time? It will not work?

Temujin said...

Mine did not work the first time I did that.

I'm using Windows 7 and Gimp 2.6

NEB said...

Didn't work... so, in other words, if I have started GIMp even once with a mouse, it won't work?

Temujin said...

One of those weird bugs.

I find that I must start Gimp with my Wacom or else it won't work.

Magnus Grettve said...

If you don't see your tablet under "Configure Extended Input Decives", try closing Gimp and then open Wacom's own Tablet Properties File Utility and delete all settings. Then open Gimp again.

Worked for me.