Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Flash Games

Here is a list of some of the more Enjoyable Flash Games I played.

1. Hex Empire - This game seems to be inspired by RISK. You start out with one city. The object of the game is to conquer all cities until you are the only player left.  All players get as many reinforcement each turn depending on how many cities they currently hold.

So try to capture as many cities early in the game.  Then you have to decide which city to strengthen when the other players begin to attack.

2. Epic War - Its about two opposing castles.  You build army depending upon the resource that you have.  The resource increase over time.  You win if you manage to destroy your opponents castle.

3. Castle Wars - You really have to use your wit on this one. This is actually a multiplayer card game.  You must beat your opponent defending on the cards that you have.  The one who manages to raise a 100 storey castle or destroy the opponents castle completely wins.

4.  Warfare 1917 & 1944 - This is similar to Epic War but this game is based on the two World Wars.  You must know the right units to deploy at the proper time in order to win this one.  He who is able to cross the enemy's line wins.

5. The Last Stand 1 & 2 - If you like zombie movies like Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and I am Legend, you will enjoy this one. The object of the game is to blast onslaughts of zombies everyday. You beat the game when you manage to survive until the last day.

6. 13 Days in Hell - Survive for 13 days in hell.  For 13 days you will be attacked by waves of stronger and stronger attackers.  Good thing you are allowed the buy better weapons as the game progresses. But be careful because your ammunition is limited. So be sure to use the proper weapons at the right time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Best Free Online Browser Games

Browser games are nice. They don't demand so much time unlike MMORPG. You can log in to your account anytime. And you won't be penalized too much for being away.

Aside from that they don't require you to install any client.

This means you can play them anywhere as long as you have a browser and an internet connection.

Here are my favorite Free Online Browser Games

1. Ikariam Ikariam is a strategy game where you start out with one city. As your economy grows you can expand your empire to multiple cities across different islands. You will need to build an army as well as navy so you can wage war against hostile players. You can also form and join alliances.

2. Ever wanted to know how it feels like to be a pirate? Well captain Jack Sparrow that is exactly what Seafight is about.

You play as a pirate. You will have a ship and a set of crew. You will improve this two resources as your level increase. You can also upgrade your cannons as well as your ship.

This is not a turn based browser game. All battles are real time.

You can band with other players and form an alliance which makes it more fun to play. This will allow you to engage in massive sea battles with other groups of players.

If you can get by with the simplistic graphics, there is actually an MMORPG that you can playing using your browser. That game is RuneScape. It is actually a very deep game. One of the things I like about it is that in the game there are a lot of ways how you can acquire money.

(Money is usually used in MMORPGs to improve the character by purchasing a better weapon or armor; buying a new skill; or buying a new magic spell. )

In Runescape you can engage in cooking, crafting, mining, smithing, woodcutting, and my favorite - Fishing.

Pretty neat huh.

Oops! You will need a Java Runtime plugin to play this game.

Cafe World is a restaurant simulation game that you can play in Facebook. In this game you start with a small restaurant and a limited menu which you expand as you gain levels.

It is a social game that encourages interaction with your Facebook friends.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Important Books to Read in the 21st Century

Doing business has changed a lot since the advent of the Internet. For example, it used to be that you could hire a company to create a hype behind your brand, product, or service. But this is not true anymore. You can no longer dictate to the consumers how they will view what you offer. Because if one customer is not satisfied, he is going to blog about it and a lot of people will know. Another thing is that, we don't sell to a single neighborhood anymore. My store may be located in Manila. But that doesn't mean that I can't sell to someone located in Los Angeles, London, or Vancouver. Likewise we should keep in mind that our competition isn't also limited to local stores anymore.

So how does one succeed in a world that offers so much opportunities and yet is also more competitive? Here are the most important books I believe could point the way to help us succeed in this 21st century.

1. The Long Tail:Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More - by Chris Anderson This book describes how the market place is a whole lot different today than during the previous decades and onwards.

2. Free : The Future of Radical Price - by Chris Anderson How can you make a profit when everyone these days expect a lot of things to be free? This book has the answer.

3. The Tipping Point - by Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm Gladwell tells us the ingredients needed to turn our products and services into widely successful hits.

4. Freakomomics: A Rogue Economists Explores the Hidden Side of Everything - by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner Offers glimpses of how people behave in certain situations. Read it to find out how you can subtly persuade your customers to buy what you are offering.

5. Art of War by Sun Tzu The principles written in this classical text is still true today as it was during the 6 B.C. It is an indispensable guide on how to beat your competition.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things to do When your Internet Connection is Slow

Frankly, I don't have any idea myself. It's been so long since I have been on dialup. We are so used to opening multiple sites inside one browser. One tab would contain a streaming mp3 widget, while the other tab is playing an online video, while the other one loads an image sharing site, and then I'm downloading a few hundred megabytes of software, and then I'm browsing through a news site.

But ever since typhoon Morakot and an earthquake in Japan knocked out some underwater fiber cables in the Asia Pacific region, we are officially back in the internet stone age ladies and gentlemen. It's a struggle to open just in one crappy text based website. Life sucks. lol. Let's hope Asia Pacific Telcos find a better technology to solve this. Because there is such a thing as the Pacific Ring of Fire remember. Earthquakes will happen in this region and will happen often.

Back to the original topic. What can you do during these days when the internet is awfully slow? Hmmm... (Thinking) You will figure it out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Importance of Website for Small Businesses

It is important for all businesses to have a website. Yet I know a few companies who don't have one yet.

A website will help your business be more visible and more accessible to customers.

I have a few clients who were able to expand their company after they've put up a website.

One is a small freight forwarding company. They used to occupy a single room near JP Rizal. They have recently moved to a more prestigious building near Ayala. And they are now renting one whole floor.

I also know of an employment agency who have greatly expanded their business due to many additional clients who contacted them thru their website.

It is also very helpful when customers searching for a product or service using a search engine, stumbles upon your website.

Recently, I helped a client put up their own website. Should you have a need for chemical liquid transportation, you can check their website at

Here is to hoping they gain more businesses which I am sure they would.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Corazon Aquino: Who Are You?

I wish I could write you a proper tribute. But how do you find the words for all the good things you represent. Perhaps if I borrow other people's words it will be good enough. Somebody said you were God's gift to the Philippines. It was no less than Sister Lucia of Fatima. A lady said you made her part of history. A guy said that you were the conscience of our nation. He was a former Atheist. One of our countrymen explains the reason why you died on the first day of August. And personally, I don't think I can look at a yellow ribbon the same way again. It pays to be good. Honestly, I did forget. Evil men thrive for a while (just like the corrupt politicians in our midst). But in the end it pays to be good. The outpouring of love as your body pass by Ayala is a testament to that. And that's you. For me that is your legacy. Thank you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Earth Free Version

This software comes in three versions: Google Earth Free Version, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Pro version comes with additional features that are geared towards business organizations. Meanwhile, the Enterprise version allows you to deploy the software on your own server.

Both also comes with email support and access to comprehensive Help Center.

Having said that, there a lot of things you can do the Free Version and it is very useful.

( You can download the software here > )

What You can do with Google Earth Free Version

1. You can use it like a map. It can help you find a particular street and visit places you are not familiar with.

2. It will even show you what establishments are present in a particular area. Let's say you plan to visit a Museum. After having located it using Google Earth, you can also see if there are any cafeterias or restaurants around the area. You can also see if there are nearby souvenir stores.

3. You can see satellite views of historic places and important landmarks. So far I have visited the Great Wall of China, and the Stonehenge in UK. Unfortunately, I could not see the large statues when I visited Easter Island in Chile. The satellite view was blocked by many trees.

But should you be interested in visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Saint Peter's Basilica in Italy, you can easily do that.

Wow that was the cheapest around the world tour I ever made. And I didn't even have to leave home.

But of course nothing beats visiting the real thing in person.

4. If you get tired of visiting important landmarks why not dive into the ocean and look at the ocean floor.

5. If you get tired of that also you can visit the Moon. You can even go to Mars after you have finished exploring the moon.

6. You can also do time travel? Seriously you can do that with the software. There is a slider in Google Earth Free Version that will allow you to track changes that happened to a place at different points in time.