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The Importance of Two Partitions

Ideally you should have one hard disk for your OS (Operating System) and one hard disk for your data. But if you only one hard disk it is extremely important that you divide it into two partitions.

The Reason for this is that your OS may crash. And the only fix would be to format and reinstall your OS.

You can't do this without losing your data if they reside on the same partition.

So as a rule, always...always make atleast two partitions if you only have one hard disk.

If only I can remember that rule.


RealTek Audio HD Microphone Problem Solution

Most of the new motherboards that comes with a built it RealTek Audio HD have microphone problems. I recently, bought one that suffers this problem.

So I checked the headphone jack and it works perfectly fine. But when I checked the microphone and it doesn't work.

So I opened my PC to make sure that everything is plugged correctly on the motherboard. And every was perfectly okay.

So what seems to be the problem?

The Solution

1. Your motherboard should come with a software to manage the audio input and output. Find the program RealTek Audio HD Manager.

2. Select the Mixer Tab.

3. Look at the RealTek Audio Input Section. I don't know why they do this but the Mic is set to mute by default.

4. Turn the Microphone settings on.

5. Check the RealTek Audio Output section.

6. Make sure the Front and Rear Volume are not set to zero.

7. Make sure the Front Pink In and Front Green In volume are not set to zero.

8. The Rear Blue In, Rear Pink In, and Rear Green In volumes should also be not…