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Firefox vs Opera : Downloading Large Files

When it comes to rendering web pages, I think Firefox is the best. Sometimes when I am using Opera or Chrome Browser there are some javascript codes that does not function correctly but seems to work fine when I am using Firefox.

But if you are going to download large files, I would recommend using Opera. Opera is able to continue from where it last stopped after you paused the download. Firefox, on the other hand would often restart the whole process.

Windows 7 Media Player

One of the things I like about Windows 7 is the new Media Player. The interface has been simplified so you get more screen space when you are watching a movie. As you can see from the above picture, the program does not display the controls when you don't need them.

But if you need the controls simply hover your mouse over the program.  It will display only the most essential buttons that you will need.

If you want to see the more advanced controls, just right click over Media Player. You will see the option to chance the Visualization or Enhancements like in the previous Media Player versions.

Another great thing about Windows Media Player 12 is that it supports more video and audio format like Divx right off the bat.