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Instagram Allows Users to Follow Hashtags

Instagram recently rolled out a cool new update. It allowed its users to follow their favorite hashtags.

How to Follow Hashtags

1. use the search button and type the hashtag.

2. as soon as the hashtag result is displayed you will see a follow button.

3. Simpy click the button and that's it. You will begin to see updates about the hashtag in your timeline along with the accounts that you follow.

Some Other things You can Do with Hashtags:
You can view hashtag stories and you will be able to check what hashtags other people are following in their profile

Long Time No Write

How fast time flies. It's been so long since I wrote on this blog. Years?

This blog has been a personal technical reference for me in the past. I wrote here so I could remember solutions to some technical problems I encountered while going about my work.

I also wrote here updates and observations about the gadgets I happen to have my hands on, software development, and other things related to technology.

A lot of things have changed since then. I think one of my favorite technology, Adobe Flash, is almost dead.  It's been replaced by a combination of HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.  I wonder if anybody is still using it for animation.

Anyway, I have decided to be active here again.

I think I need to update the layout. Because this current one is not good for mobile devices. That has been one on the big changes that has happened in the past couple of years. These days more people are viewing websites on mobile phones than on desktop computers.

I will get around to it. Until then, s…

How to Stop Android Phones from Automatically Updating Apps

One problem with Android Phones is that they are data hogs. If you leave the phones to their default settings they will suck up the bandwidth.  If you have atleast four of those devices using the WiFi in the house everything will grind to a halt.  You won’t be able to browse the internet properly.

But What is Causing Android Phones to Use Up All the Bandwidth

If you go to the App Store. And you check on the settings. You will see that it is set to automatically update your apps.

That is the problem. All the apps on the phone would release updates several times during the week. So your phone or your tablet are constantly updating everyday without you being aware of it. Imagine several devices updating at the same time over your WiFi.

How to Stop Android from Automatically Updating Apps

1. Open the App Store

2. Click on Settings

3. You will see that Auto-Update Apps is set to Automatically Update over WiFi

4. Set this to Do Not Auto-Update Apps

5. You will have to do this for each Android…

Cignal Digital TV Review

For a long time we've contemplated having a cable tv connection. But the problem is we are so far from the street that regular cable companies would usually say that it is impractical because they would need a very long cable to service us and that the quality degrades as the cable gets longer.

So one day someone came along offering Satellite based TV (Cignal) and we decided to subscribe.

Cignal Digital TV


1. No more need for long cables because the service is satellite based.

2. Video quality is better than other cable providers. You are only given a few HD channel depending upon your subscription but even the normal channels look so good, you would think they are also HD.

3. Comprehensive Channel Guide that is built into your remote control. You will find a button on your remote that reads “Guide”. After you press it. It will list the current channel you are watching and you will see what program or movie will come next and the hours. You can slide the guide using yo…

LED Monitor Review: LG FLATRON E2041

My Old AOC CRT Monitor began to show signs of dying. It would occasionally black out for a few seconds. Sometimes lightning streaks  would run across the screen.

I bought that monitor way back in 2006. It served me well for 5 years. It was very durable and AOC is a good brand.

And so I had no choice but to buy myself a new monitor. I would have preferred another CRT Monitor but they were no longer available. Even the more recent LCD screens are being phased out in favor a the newer LED monitors.


(This was not my first choice but it was the next best thing available in the computer store I visited).

1600 X 900 Resolution (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1
Brightness: 250 Cd/m2
Dimensions W/Stand (WHD): 17.44" X 13.78" X 6.54"

My Feedback

This monitor comes with two connectors VGA and DVI.

It comes with a CD that is supposed to contain the manual and monitor drivers. However, when you install the monitor driver contained in the CD it will alway…

Privacy and Your Digital Identity

If someone had access to everything you have posted all over the internet they will know who you really are - perhaps even more than many of your close friends.

Imagine me as this person. I know who your elementary, highschool, and college classmates. I know who your former and current officemates are. I know your preferences and your interest based on the websites you visit.

I know your hobbies based on the photos that you shared and the organizations and clubs that you've joined. I know your favorite hangouts based on the statuses that you posted.

I know your Social Security Number, your Bank account, and your Credit Card information – every data about you.

I could use this information for something harmless as giving them to commercial companies so they could send you offers that you will probably like because they are based on your personal data.

Or this data could get leaked to individuals who have more malicious intention.

What are the bad ways your personal data can be us…

Firefox 4 vs IE 9 vs Chrome vs Opera 11

If you download Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Google Chrome, and Opera 11 you will find out that they all look the same. It feels weird really that find myself confused which internet browser I am currently losing.

The differences of course is under the hood and they are very subtle.

For me Opera is the best when it comes to downloading large files. It allows you to resume downloading from where you left off when you turned off your pc or logged off the Internet.

Firefox is the best when it comes to add ons. My favorite is Firebug. It is a very good add on if you are a developer.

Chrome is of course the original clean browser.

Internet Explorer 9 recently followed the interface design of the other internet browsers. It boasts a feature that will prevent advertising companies from tracking your surfing behavior. The only browser to have this feature at the moment.

But as I have said earlier, they all now look the same. It’s kind of funny. I never thought I would see this happen.