Monday, October 5, 2009

OpenOffice: Microsoft Office Alternative

You are of course familiar with Microsoft Office. It is one of Microsoft's most successful product.

OpenOffice is the Microsoft Office Alternative software offered by Sun Microsystems, Inc, now owned by Oracle Corporation.

The first time I used Openoffice, I said to myself. What the hell?. This software is freaking ugly.
Aside from aesthetic shortcomings, the software suffered from incompatibility with Microsoft Word and Excel File format which is still the dominant electronic document formats today.

I uninstalled it because there was really no incentive for me to use it. For example, if I were to send a resume to a prospective employer, they are going to expect a Miscrosoft Word document format. And since OpenOffice was not compatible, the document I send will not appear as I've intended.

Well that was two years ago.

I recently tried Openoffice again and I found that it has greatly improved. It is no longer aesthetically distracting and seems to be more compatible with the more popular office formats.

So if you are short of cash or just plain stingy, you can have this document software absolutely free.