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How to Prevent Children from Seeing your Selected Facebook Post

Sometimes you make a Facebook post that is intended for more mature audience. But the problem is that you also have under aged friends.

So how do you make children see only specific Facebook posts?

Setup a Group List
1.Click on Account in the Menu.
2.Select Edit Friends
3.Find List on the lower left side of the page.
4.Click on Friends
5.Click on the Create New List button
6.Enter a name for your new list. You can type Kids or Children or whichever you prefer.
7.On the icons of your Friend List, select all your friends who are under aged.
8.And then click the Create List button

Hide to Specific Group
1.Go to Profile
2.Type a Status Update. Let's say “Test Status”.
3.If you notice, there is a Padlock icon next to the Share button. Click the Padlock icon.
4.Choose Customize from the list
5.There is a text box that says Hide this from these people.
6.Type the name of the friend group you have just created. In my case, it's Kids.
7.Click the Save Setting button
8.When you finally cli…