Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Manage Your Facebook Privacy Settings

1. On the Top Menu, next to your name, you will see an option there that says "Settings"

2. After you click this, a submenu will drop containing the following commands: Account Settings, Privacy Settings, Application Settings, and Help.

3. Click on Privacy Settings.

4. You will see four more options: Profile, Search, News Feeds and Wall,  and Applications.  These four options will allow you to set what kind of information you wish to share to the public.

You can share information to Everyone. This means anyone on the web. Only Friends, the information will be shared to people whom you consider to be your friends. Friends of Friends, which means information will be available to your friends along with their own network of friends.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cafe World Tips and Tricks

One of the things that draws people to Facebook are social games.  An example is Cafe World.

It is a restaurant simulation game

When you play you will be given a small restaurant. Your avatar is the cook and you can choose one friend to represent your first waiter.

How to Play Cafe World

You will be given a starting 3000 coins.  You need to cook food for your customers. You do this  by buying  ingredients of your chosen dish from the menu. Each dish will have different cost and cooking duration. And each one returns different amount of coins (your profit).

As you level up,  you will gain more coins. You will be able to expand your restaurant. You will be able to buy additional stoves, counters, better chairs, and nicer tables. You will be able to hire additional waiters.  And you will be able to cook more dishes.

Some Tips

Cafe World is one of many  Facebook Social Games. Therefore, it was designed to encourage interaction between players.  For example, you need to visit your friends' restaurant once everyday. When you visit them you will be assigned a task. The task is actually simple. You will go to your friend's restaurant. A message will pop asking if you want to help them by eating a dish they've cooked. It will also ask you if you are going to give them a tip. When you say yes, your character will eat the dish and you will be awarded with coins and bonus experience points. Your tip will also be added to your friend's  coins.

You can also send your friends free gifts. They can serve these gifts to their customers. And it will help them level faster.

Lastly, you are gain additional coins if you invite new players.  I think this is the main reason why Cafe World quickly became very popular.

Level Up Faster

Dishes that takes longer to cook bring more coins and experience points. That is why, when I play, I mostly choose foods that takes 12 hours to two days to cook.

Restaurant Expansions and Upgrades

Expanding your restaurant and purchasing additional tables will allow you to accommodate more customers. Therefore, you will earn more coins faster.

But you have to add additional waiters to increase the rate of people visiting your cafe.  You will be allowed to do this as you level up.

So far, I observed that buying more expensive stoves do not affect the game in anyway.  It seems that they are provided only as decoration.


There are times when you notice that a certain customer is not being served.  The reason for this is that the pathway leading to the table is has become unreachable. Be sure to provide space where your waiters can  walk towards the customer. Another reason is that your waiter could not reach the counter. Try rotating the counter. And make sure that the path to it is not being blocked.

Some Tricks

If you don't want your buzz rating to go down when you aren't serving any food, sell your door. Your customers will never be able to get inside hence you have no dissatisfied customer.

Enclose your cook and waiters within the counter and the stoves. This will impede them from moving to the tables. The side effect of this is that food begins to magically appear on your customer's table.  And the tables magically get cleaned after they finish eating. No need for them to walk to the tables and waste time.

But remember that  these exploits are actually program bugs.  They are not guaranteed to work in the future and Zynga may patch them.

Real Life Lessons

Cafe World is only a game but it actually teaches some point that we can apply in real life.

1. You need a budget when you are going to run a restaurant.

2. There are expenses to be paid. In this game, the expenses are simplified. You pay for the ingredients of the dishes.  In real life, you have to pay for the ingredients that you will need when you cook.  Your employees must have their salaries plus benefits. Then there is the matter of the electric bill, water, and rent.

The lesson being taught is that you must plan before you spend.  When you spend, your action must return a  profit. If you fail to do this, you will eventually run out of funds to continue your operation,  the business will close, and you lose the game.

So you see, it's not actually just another silly game.  Don't get addicted however. And manage your time wisely.

Logitech MX700 Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX700 is both an optical mouse and also cordless mouse. This means you are not impeded by a dangling wire in anyway. There is also no mouse ball so that you wont ever need to clean it. Traditional mouse becomes hard to use when the mouse ball has collected enough dirt.

Technical Specification

This mouse uses RF Technology by way of a small device that you can plug into a USB or PS2 port. Its sensitivity is up to six feet.

Two AA rechargeable batteries is provided.
It comes with a charging station. You don't have to remove the battery when you are charging. And it would take you 18 hours before
you will need to recharge.
Movement resolution is 800 Dpi.

Functional Features

It has a wheel so you can easily scroll down very long documents or website. Or you could use the two cruise control button on its side for same purpose.

Lastly, this wireless mouse looks good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HTC 5800 Battery

If you are still using your HTC 5800 Battery has already run out. You can still buy one at Amazon.

HTC 5800 came out in 2007 but I know some of you still find it usable. I myself still have a green screen Nokia. Can you believe that? And it has already outlived two of my brother's latest cellphones.

By the way, one way to conserve your HTC 5800's battery is to turn your cellphone's screen to level 4. This way you can extend your talk time up to 2 or 3 hours.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Android vs IPhone

IPhone is the dominant smartphone in todays market. It is closed proprietary technology and therefore only Apple, Inc. can play in this platform.

This is the reason why all other cellphone companies are lining up behind the Android OS. Android is an opensource operating system for smartphones which is backed by Google.

It seems like this smartphone war is similar to the battle between Mac and PC several years ago.  The Macintosh was a very closed desktop computer, while the PC was an open technology.  We all know that the PC won that battle and it became the more dominant desktop computer.

Will the Iphone suffer a similar fate?

Being a software developer I am concerned with this policy of Apple. Of course, when I develop a software, I want full control and I want it to inter operate with other gadgets and other software.

The IPhone might not allow me to do that.  Even more, Apple has to approved every single application submitted before they get to the consumers.

But then again this is only a concern for developers.  Most users would not really care as long as their phone works.

However, because of the Androids openness, there might be more applications developed for this platform in the future.  And this could be a reason that that Android smartphones could overtake the IPhone.