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Long Time No Write

How fast time flies. It's been so long since I wrote on this blog. Years?

This blog has been a personal technical reference for me in the past. I wrote here so I could remember solutions to some technical problems I encountered while going about my work.

I also wrote here updates and observations about the gadgets I happen to have my hands on, software development, and other things related to technology.

A lot of things have changed since then. I think one of my favorite technology, Adobe Flash, is almost dead.  It's been replaced by a combination of HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.  I wonder if anybody is still using it for animation.

Anyway, I have decided to be active here again.

I think I need to update the layout. Because this current one is not good for mobile devices. That has been one on the big changes that has happened in the past couple of years. These days more people are viewing websites on mobile phones than on desktop computers.

I will get around to it. Until then, s…

How to Stop Android Phones from Automatically Updating Apps

One problem with Android Phones is that they are data hogs. If you leave the phones to their default settings they will suck up the bandwidth.  If you have atleast four of those devices using the WiFi in the house everything will grind to a halt.  You won’t be able to browse the internet properly.

But What is Causing Android Phones to Use Up All the Bandwidth

If you go to the App Store. And you check on the settings. You will see that it is set to automatically update your apps.

That is the problem. All the apps on the phone would release updates several times during the week. So your phone or your tablet are constantly updating everyday without you being aware of it. Imagine several devices updating at the same time over your WiFi.

How to Stop Android from Automatically Updating Apps

1. Open the App Store

2. Click on Settings

3. You will see that Auto-Update Apps is set to Automatically Update over WiFi

4. Set this to Do Not Auto-Update Apps

5. You will have to do this for each Android…