Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LED Monitor Review: LG FLATRON E2041

My Old AOC CRT Monitor began to show signs of dying. It would occasionally black out for a few seconds. Sometimes lightning streaks  would run across the screen.

I bought that monitor way back in 2006. It served me well for 5 years. It was very durable and AOC is a good brand.

And so I had no choice but to buy myself a new monitor. I would have preferred another CRT Monitor but they were no longer available. Even the more recent LCD screens are being phased out in favor a the newer LED monitors.


(This was not my first choice but it was the next best thing available in the computer store I visited).

1600 X 900 Resolution (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1
Brightness: 250 Cd/m2
Dimensions W/Stand (WHD): 17.44" X 13.78" X 6.54"

My Feedback

This monitor comes with two connectors VGA and DVI.

It comes with a CD that is supposed to contain the manual and monitor drivers. However, when you install the monitor driver contained in the CD it will always give you an "Installation Aborted" error.

An Amazon customer wrote about this problem. But don't worry. The monitor is plug and play. It works fine with the default Windows 7 driver.

Content of the CD

What you will actually find in the CD are PDF manuals. But I did not find them helpful. Explanation on the various features and functions of the monitor are very sparse.

And the CD also contains a color calibration file, E2041 ICC Profile. But I also ended up using the default Windows 7 calibration because the one given by LG was too dark.  You could not distinguish the lighter shadows from the dark shadows.

The CD also contained the monitor driver setup information. It is a text file. If you are an expert in Windows Registry editing, perhaps you can enter it manually. Otherwise, don't touch it. You will do fine without it.

Monitor Control Panel

The Monitor Control Panel is found at the right lower side of your monitor. They have no label. You will have to refer on the display on your screen when you are using them (this had me confused at first).

Overall Experience

It is a pretty good monitor. LED is really better than LCD. Picture quality does not change even if  I view it at different angles or when I am far from the screen.

I would still say that CRT monitors produce crisper images but LED monitors are one step closer compared to LCDs.


Temujin said...

Just an update: I've had this monitor for a couple of months now and it managed to save me $14 of monthly electricity bill.

Pretty nice.

Tragain said...

I just bought this monitor from Best Buy.
It came with the D-SUB cable but not the DVI-D.
The only reason I bought it was my new video card uses DVI-D.

Guess I wont be using my new monitor tonight.

Temujin said...

Oh. That's too bad. But you know what, I have tried both DVI and the older VGA cable and I did not see much difference. I am actually using VGA.