Friday, October 16, 2009

PLDT Frequent Disconnect Solution

This is just one possible solution if you are finding that you're PLDT MyDSL keeps getting disconnected.

The current standard modem for PLDT MyDSL is Xyzel P-### series. You will notice that it has three LED lights as its indicator.

2. Ethernet LED
3  Power LED

Some of you may encounter a situation that on certain hours your Power LED turns red and your DSL LED keeps dying. But then after a few hours the Power LED finally turns green and your Internet connection becomes stable.

For a long time I thought this problem was caused by the DSL server dying in the main office or because of too many subscribers, the network becomes strained  due to overcapacity.  But apparently, this was not the case.

I found this out when I unplugged all the cables (rj45 and rj11) connected to the Zyxel modem except for the power.

I discovered that the Power LED was still red. So that means the problem has nothing to do with being connected to the PLDT server.

I discovered that somehow the voltage supply provided by the electricity company fluctuates depending on the time of day.

In my case from 6pm to 11pm our voltage supply drops below 220.   It seems that this is the peak hours in my neighborhood when a lot of people are using a lot of electricity.

Most normal appliances can handle this fluctuation and but that is the problem with Zyxel modems.  If the voltage supply drops they become very unstable. Hence you keep getting disconnected from the Internet.

I requested the serviceman to replace my Zyxel adaptor with auto-volt adaptor.


fan said...

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Temujin said...

I actually have a smart bro 999 aside from a PLDT MyDSL.

Smart bro 999 is fast when it comes to browsing and downloading very large files.

But there are occasional hiccups every now and then when you are browsing. And also it seems it doesn't handle streaming videos very well.

moogler said...

afer a couple of years, did your internet connection become stable?

Temujin said...

@moogler, I switched to Smartbro Wireless because some rascals keep stealing the telephone wires in our area. I usually lose internet connection for almost a month when they do that.

Smartbro is fine during the early morning and late evening.

It is pretty slow from 11am-12nn till 8pm-10pm.

Pinoy said...

This makes sense. Thanks. Does PLDT have an auto-volt modem? can you post a picture of such modem? I'm using the black one by Zyxel P600.