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Telecommuting Equipments

Before there was broadband Internet you could not imagine that it is possible to have a job while home. But now we have writers, programmers, graphic artists, medical transcribers, and call center agents working in the comforts of their own home. 

    There are several advantages to this kind of setup.  You will be able to look after your children while you are working. Or you can take care of a sick family member. You can manage your own time.  You won't have to experience heavy traffic while commuting to your office. 
    This setup will save you a lot of time. 
    However, if before you can take jobs in this kind of setup there are equipments you will need.
Broadband Internet Subscription - You will need a fast Internet connection. Dialup will not do because there will be times when you may need to have a conference with your client. Skype or Yahoo Messenger is typically used.  If your Internet connection is slow, then you may have a hard time talking to your client because your v…