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Ipads, Laptops, Netbooks

Apple has managed to sell 3 Million IPads in just 80 days. Steve Jobs is really the master when it comes to hyping gadgets.

There is a popular saying that goes - "The best salesman can sell refrigerators to the Eskimos." I've always found this saying funny. But if there is one guy that could do it that has got to be Mr. Steve Jobs.

IPad Features

If there is one thing that the IPad can do very well is that it is great for viewing things. It is certainly the best for viewing electronic news, reading books, viewing pictures, reading electronic comics, and watching videos. However, you can not view the complete Internet with it since Apple has decided not to support Adobe Flash. Therefore, I you like to watch videos online, there are only a limited sets of videos you can watch. You cannot watch those videos available only using Flash Player ( which is a lot of videos by the way). And also you cannot use IPad to see web applications that run on the Flash Platform.


Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 Released

Firefox 3.6.4 has been released today. The most prominent feature for this release is the third-party plugin crash protection.

It used to be that when a plugin crash, say Flash Player, you were left with no choice but to kill the browser.

Now plugins run within their own thread process. So that when a plugin crash, Firefox would just display an image to inform the user that a third-party plugin crashed. And then you can just close the Tab where the plugin was running.

One thing I notice with this release though, is that the Flash Player which rarely crash before now seem to crash more often.

I hope Mozilla release another patch for this problem soon.

Blog Housekeeping

I did some housekeeping on this blog today. I decided to make the navigation simpler.

Cleaning up a blog is not much different from cleaning a house. You will accidentally unearth some things that you have already forgotten and they bring back memories.

I wrote several personal entries on this blog a couple of months and a few years ago.

It seems only yesterday.

Anyway, I think it is time for me to work this blog again.