Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wubi: Linux for Windows Part 1

Microsoft has officially ended mainstream support of Windows XP last April 14, 2009 and the extended support will end by April 2014. Windows XP has been the most popular OS of Microsoft. And even though a newer Windows version already came out, people still prefer using Windows XP.

2014 is still a couple of years away but expect newer programs to move away from XP starting next year. So what are your options?

1. Windows 7 – This version is currently available for public testing. It is expected to be better than Windows Vista. Windows Vista has gotten very bad reviews that it is being compared to Windows ME, the worst Windows version ever. Windows 7 will come in six editions. The lower editions will have limited functionalities compared to the higher editions. Of course, the higher editions will cost more. If you are just a home user, would you feel comfortable knowing that you are using a limited OS (Operating System)? Of course not.

2. Linux – This OS has gotten a bad rep of being too geeky. And I do admit that Windows is still easier to use than this one - but not by much recently. It’s developers has taken great strides to make it easier to use. I especially like the Ubuntu distribution packages and my favorite is the KDE flavor which is called Kubuntu.

How do you start shifting to Linux? Try Wubi. It is a software that will allow us to run Linux with Windows XP or Vista without the need to repartition our hard disk.

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dannybuntu said...

I sense a comeback for Come on! Post something there! Dual boot mo muna.

Temujin said...

Haha. Nahulaan mo na pala. :p