Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reasons Why I have not yet Updated to Kubuntu 9.04

Actually, I did but I decided to downgrade back to Kubuntu 8.10. My Reasons

1. My Nvidia graphics card was having problem with the latest Kubuntu version. (I think I found the solution to that problem now)

2. Kubuntu 8.10 looks aesthetically better than version 9.04

3. A lot of programs have not yet been updated for this version. Reason #3 is actually my main reason for sticking to Kubuntu Intrepid (8.10). I have decided to wait a few months until developers have updated their software to 9.04. After that I will upgrade.

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dannybuntu said...

Very very wise advice. I am speaking out of experience. I usually take a week to fix my Nvidia Graphics card every time I upgrade.

As for aesthetics I have grown out of it and I am beginning to draw closer and closer to working with nothing but a terminal. Close but not yet - probably never hehehe.

Browsing via a terminal isn't really exciting.