What is A Computer Virus

Some of you might think its funny but I know a few people who think that computer viruses are actual virus just like common colds. Indeed it is the casual computer users who are the most vulnerable victim of computer viruses.

So if you are a casual computer user and not really a technical person, how can you better protect yourself?

The best way to protect yourself, aside from downloading anti-virus software, is to know what you are up against. Unlike real viruses that spread through human contact or proximity, computer viruses spread when a computer user runs an infected program. That means, they are practically harmless as long as you don’t run them.

Here are some precautions that could help you better protect yourself:

1. Don’t run and Scan any program you are unfamiliar with

2. Scan any program you download from the internet

3. Scan any storage device that is shared to you like USB Flash drives, hard disk, and floppy disks (if you still have them but I don’t if ever anyone still uses them).

4. If you are in a network, don't share folders with full read and write access. If you need to share some files, make sure that the folder they are in has only read access.


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