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The World is Yours

If you were ever a fan of Scarface, the 1983 film starring Al Pacino, you would remember the last scene. Tony was shot on the back by an assassin. He falls down from the balcony into a small pool in the lobby below. He floated face down in the water. Beside him a statue was shown carrying the inscription "The World is Yours".

I'm sure most of you find that humorous inspite of the tragic ending. But why did I mention it?

Today I was thinking about eCommerce and I can't help but be amazed at the possibilities available to us today. The world is truly ours but only if we got the imagination to seize it. I'm talking about how any individual can be in their pajamas in the comfort of their bedroom and yet be able to sell a product or a service to practically anyone anywhere in the world. All you need really is just a computer and an internet connection and then you are good to go.

It is simply amazing especially if you can remember back in the early 1990's that hardly anyone ever heard about a thing called the internet.

And lastly, yeah. I think Scarface is cool.

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dannybuntu said…
"Say hello to my little friend."

That's the thing I remember most in Scarface. Hahahaha.

I agree that the possibilities are endless - but that does not necessarily mean that all possibilities are good. In fact, in the internet the top earners are what I call sin sites. Local porn sites are among the top ten dollar earners.

Just like in the real world - there are so many possibilities on the internet that are just that - potential.

And just like in the real world - the key to being successful is to know a specific need and to get them to the right audience.

It's just unfortunate that it just so happens that "Sex" is a need that everybody seems to go gaga over. I am not saying that people should not have sex - what I am saying is that these porn sites are fostering fringe behavior and most of the time criminal behavior - though it is hard to prove - like white slavery, human traficking, child abuse, rape and prostitution.

I suspect that most scandals in these sites are staged.

The internet has made it easier to perpetrate these crimes.

Anyway, going back on topic. Among the most successful Filipino techpreneurs we have seen are none other than No ecommerce site surpasses them. Incidentally, their success was brought about by SEO savvy and real world street smart.

If you are a REAL businessman, then you would know that the best place to find a solution to a business need is the free ads magazine called "Buy and Sell" - in itself a runaway success. NOOOW,'s success owes it success because "buy and sell" are too generic terms that cannot be copyrighted or trademarked specially on the internet. So call it genius when they attached those three terms "buy and sell" to their website. So it became buy and sell philippines.

Why am I pointing this out? Because many people knew of the word recall of the terms "buy and sell" therefore numerous sites have popped up - buy and sell max, buysellph, though none can compare to the success of

I found out about through google. I was actually looking for the website of buy and sell magazine because maybe they thought about the two concepts "free ads" and "internet". Sulit was the first result, whereas the "real" buy and sell magazine website came in I think second or third. To top that, the "real" buy and sell website didn't have a user friendly website and the last that I know of - didn't offer free ads!!!!

Replicating sulit's success would be very challenging.
Temujin said…
"I agree that the possibilities are endless - but that does not necessarily mean that all possibilities are good. In fact, in the internet the top earners are what I call sin sites. Local porn sites are among the top ten dollar earners." - danny

What you said is true also. lol. you brought me images of residential homes being raided for showing live porn on the internet.

It has really become sort of a cottage industry these days.

If you are driving along C5 coming from Pasig. You will find a big billboard. It was made in such a way that the you are somewhat looking from a top angle and you are looking down a woman's blouse and her bosom is exposed in all its glory.

He'll even legit companies are using it daily to catch our attention.

I still can't figure out how that billboard passed the authorities.

Yep. It can't be denied. Sex really sells.

But of course, I am not talking about that. :)

There are perfectly legal and moral ways to earn money on the internet.

Thanks for the headsup on .

I was not aware about their story.

Hmmm. I think I will research on that.
dannybuntu said…
Found this post again. Haha. So much has changed. Do you know of any new Pinoy startups? Any facebook like success?

I wonder why most successful web 2.0 sites are based in the US. That has got to change.
Temujin said…
wahaha. ancient history na itong post na ito pare.


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