Thursday, December 18, 2008

Four Things You Can Do To Make Money on the Internet

I stated earlier that there are a lot of possibilities on the Internet. Here are the four things you can do:

1. Provide a service - Do web design. Be a freelance programmer. Do transcription. Be a virtual tutor. Be a remote help desk.

2. Sell a Product - Sell on Ebay. Sell using your own website/blog. Post your product through classified ads.

3. Be an Affiliate Marketer - Chitika, Amazon Associates, and Commission Junction are some of the networks you can join.

4. Start a New Kind of Business that no one has ever done before - There used to be no online bookstore like Amazon. Call centers did not exist. There were no online auction sites like Ebay.

Maybe you have an idea that could start a new kind of business.

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dannybuntu said...

I have an idea and I will probably do it once I got the proper capitalization. :) Stay tuned!

Temujin said...

Wow. Goodluck dude! :)

dannybuntu said...

Gosh I forgot what I wanted to do...