Google Chrome Take Two

To be honest I did not stick for long to Google Chrome when it was first released.
Some of the things that turned me off about it are:
1. Flash Player Crashes
2. It steathly installed Google Update service and without asking permission (similar to what malwares would do).
3. It promised that it won't crash our PC when a Tab hangs but it frequently did.
Today it Google Chrome just graduated from beta stage and I decided to give it another try.
And so far so good.
1. It now plays online videos beautifully
2. Doesn't eat too much memory even though I launched many tabs (which is a problem common with Firefox)
3. Renders web page pretty fast.
4. No frequent crashes so far.
One thing is still miss though are plugins, no built in spell checker, and dictionary.
For me spell checking and a dictionary plugin is very important. Especially when you are writing an email or blogging.
But it is just at version 1.0 so hopefully they will add these things in their future releases.
And then the stealth GoogleUpdate.exe is still there. I'm sure a lot of users will still be uncomfortable knowing that a program is running in the background which they have no control.


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