Windows XP or Windows 7

Windows XP is a good Operating System. By August 2011 it will be a decade old. But many find it hard to switch to Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is further testament to its popularity.

However, users of Windows XP will no longer be able to take advantage of newer hardware technologies since Microsoft has decided to stop selling last October 22, 2010 and the support is only available until April 2014.

Windows 7 is the latest release of Microsoft Windows. It came shortly after Windows Vista has gathered a lot of unfavorable reviews.

You maybe asking yourself, how is Windows 7 compared to Windows XP? And is it bad like Windows Vista?

Actually, Windows 7 is good too. In the office I have seen a Duron 2800+ with just 512mb of RAM run Windows 7 without any problem.

I myself am running it on a newer PC. If I would compare Windows 7 to Windows XP, I would say Windows 7 crashes less than Windows XP plus it recovers better.

When running computer games, it is just as fast as XP. Just make sure to install the graphics driver from the manufacturers website. Windows 7 will provide default driver for the latest graphics card. But this driver is not optimized, so you may experience some lagging when running graphics intensive computers.

Personally, between Windows XP and Windows 7, I think I'm sticking with Windows 7.


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