Latest AVG Update Corrupts Windows XP 64

AVG is one of the free anti-virus software you can download off the Internet. It is easy to use and good at detecting computer viruses. But today I have a reason to dislike this software.

This morning I received a message from the software that the latest update is ready. So I clicked update.

And then it told me that I need to restart my computer.

I clicked Allow Restart.

After the computer restarted, it no longer boots properly. I kept getting an error that a DLL file was missing and then the OS restarts.

I could not even remedy the problem by loging into Safe Mode.

I ended up reformatting my hard disk and reinstalling the OS.

And now I have not yet installed all the software that were originally there because it would take me the whole day and I would get nothing done.

Ugh. AVG!


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