Last night I was looking at DP trying to learn something new. And then this guy posted a screenshot of a blogger who earned so and so cash from a few blogs that's just 9 days old! Of course on this day and age images can be easily manipulated. And a lot of marketers have used this technique to get attention. And many people have been fooled with this technique. (MLM people are notorious with this. They will tell you that they make so and so and they show you the things they bought and the amount of checks they made. Then they make you buy into their system. And before you know it you are working your butt of trying to make money - the thing that you were trying to avoid in the first place that is why you joined MLM. But you are so happy working for them because you have been hypnotized already. Until you get tired, burned out, and quit while never making anything sustainable. Or the MLM company folds because they could no longer recruit newbies who would support the uplines. If I were you I will avoid MLMs at all cost. They're fools gold. Google Bernard Maddof. All MLMs are Ponzi Schemes no matter how they try to change their system. There I said it. LOL.) Anyway back to my original subject. So I checked the blog that the thread starter was referring to. To my surprise the article was well written and made a lot of sense. I proceeded further by reading his other posts. I ended up reading everything he wrote for one whole day. By nature I am a skeptic. I don't readily believe anything I hear or read whether you are a anonymous guy on the internet or a person with authority. Hell I don't even believe my own Born again Pastor and my Catholic Priest outright. (And yeah I am neither Born Again Christian nor Catholic. I am both and none.) But I do take time to listen to everybody and investigate what is being said on my own time. And because of this attitude I believe I have developed a sense whether a person is for real or not. And the guy mentioned in the forum to me was for real. My only wish is that I should have stumbled upon his blog earlier. It would have saved me from a lot of pain and mistakes doing my own quest. To give you an idea, here are two important things I learned from him. Two Kinds of Traffic 1. Social Media Traffic 2. Search Engine Traffic Both are useful but Search Engine Traffic is the more valuable one if you want to succeed doing business in the internet - and with less stress. ;)


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Shoot my foot. my comment disappeared...

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