The End of Print of Media

We used to buy newspaper everyday. It was a good source of news, infact, it was the only source of written news back in the days. When I was in highschool, we bought newspapers so that I could improve my English vocabulary. And then later on after that, when I entered the professional world, we bought it for the classified ads so that I could find jobs. But today, printed news is dying. There isn’t a week when you don’t hear newspaper companies closing or doing measure to cut cost. What changed? More and more people are turning to the internet for their news. In the internet, you can not only read about events but you can also see or listen to them in a form of video or audio. More over, printed news is slow news. When it reaches you, the articles it contains are already several hours old. While with the internet, you can read about an incident instantaneously or just a few minutes after it happened. Lastly, with regards to classified ads, we now have Ebay, Craigslist, and several online buy and sell websites and job sites which can cater to both local and international customers. People would rather lookup the internet for classified ads because again, it is more timely and updated. But I guess printed news is not dead yet. Because not everybody has internet access, there will still be people who would need newspapers. But this audience is shrinking as more and more people become tech savvy and broadband penetration increases. I would not be surprised if newspapers no longer exists a couple of years from now. Printed magazines of course, is a different matter, because it is not crucial for magazine articles to be up to the minute.


dannybuntu said…
Not to mention we save some trees. Hehe, pareho pala tayo. Ako naman crime news at saka forex rates. There's only one thing that digital media can't replace. At least not yet. The scent of aged books. Ahhh specially the ones that came from antique book stores in the united states. Iba talaga.
Temujin said…
Ah oo. That is one of the better effect - We save trees.

Do you know there you used to be a library in Pasig. It functions as a library and a museum at the same time.

I use to spend my afternoon there just browsing art books and very old copies of reader's digest. If I remember correctly the earliest copy they have are 1960's. Not sure but they are very old.

But now the library is gone and what is left is only the museum.

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