Thank You

Thank you to all of you who sent your message, visited us during mother's wake, or were with us during Mama's burial. Your support is very much appreciated. Tomorrow the family will start life without her physical presence but we will be strong out of our love for Mama. And because that is what she would have wanted. For me, Mama did not really die. Infact, she is very much alive and well - cured of all her sickness. For us and Mama, there are no goodbyes but only 'see you later'.


dannybuntu said…
Death is the beginning of a new life - both for the ones left behind and the one who left.

I am speaking out of experience.

I hope that you come out of this in fighting form - ready like Manny Pacquiao to face another day with an absolutely totally different "perspective" on how to live life.

We are blog friends but I don't really know who you are.

What I do know is that death changes a person.


What are you up to after this? I am looking forward to consult with you at the soonest possible time about this new idea of mine.
Temujin said…
at this day and age it's already normal to have regular friends and online friends.

I have several friends whom I met through online games.

Sige pare we will talk about your idea. Maybe there is something I can do to help.

I might be ready by Monday. Right now I'm ok but still in a state of shock.

Regarding what I plan to do next, honestly I don't know yet.

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