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Reasons to Write Your Own Tutorial

Think of any topic then search the internet for it. You will find that most likely there is already an existing tutorial for what you are looking for. But there are still plenty of reasons why you should write your own tutorial:  

1. Because you can explain it clearer A lot of people write tutorials. They explain the process to accomplish a certain tasks but they make no effort to explain clearly. Perhaps they use too much jargon or they forget to go through the steps in the proper sequence.
2. You have a simpler process I have met people who instead of making a process simple, makes it more complicated and eventually confuse themselves. One reason for this is that they unconsciously pad the process with unnecessary steps. I have read a couple of documentations that have this problem. You can help them. You can study how a certain task is done and perhaps you can find a way to make it simple.
3. Your web visitors like your writing style more than the others There are people who write like robots. There are people who write like they are talking to themselves. But there are people who write like they are talking to you directly and these are the people we like to read.  

4. For personal reference If you are a technical consultant, you will encounter a problem that crops up every once in a while. That is a very good reason to write down the solution. If you encounter the same problem, you can instantly refer to your article. It will save you time. One advantage to saving your tutorial over the internet is that you don’t have to carry a notebook around. You can refer to it anywhere.
5. You can earn from it People will have a similar question or problem and they will need your tutorial. There are various ways how you can earn from it.  

a. You could submit it to a website like and get paid.
b. You can post it in your website or blog and earn from the advertisements you place in your site. 
c. Or with enough tutorials, maybe you can publish a book.


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