Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a novel idea. You take a companies back office software (like accounting, purchasing, sales, human resource, etc. ), host it to a third party, and let them take care of its maintenance. This has two advantages:

1. The software is kept in one location so it will be easier to maintain it.

2. Companies can concentrate on their core business and let the professionals handle the technology side.

However there are also things going against it. Like Denial of Service Attack. You won't have access to your software which is hosted outside of your company if the hosting company suffers a Denial of Service Attack. If you read my earlier post before this one, you will see that recent victims are reputable technology companies.

Another thing is that, there will always be companies who will not be willing to share their data. Especially, if these information are vital to their competitive advantage.

These are the challenges that will prevent Cloud computing from reaching general acceptance and I think they are very strong challenges.