How to Backup Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog

There has been a lot of times when my entries here magically disappeared costing me several months of work.

Fortunately, there is now an easy way to backup Blogspot blogs.

In your blog's control panel, if you look under the Settings tab, you will see Blog Tools section. Beside it you will see an option to Import Blog, Export Blog, and Delete Blog. Export Blog will allow you to save the contents of your blog in your hard disk. Import Blog will allow you to restore a previously saved copy.

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thanks for this tip. I made backup of my blogs.
Temujin said…
nice forum you got there. :)
Binod Suman said…
Very useful tips. Really thanks.
I have written one java code to backup your blog with date wise timestamp.


Binod Suman
All So Cute said…
thanks for the tips and sharing with us. :)
Technical Tony said…
Thanks for posting this! Even after two years it's still helping others :-)
watson said…
Hi. Do you have a suggestion too on how to backup the photos?

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