Saturday, October 11, 2008

To Begin Again

A week ago this blog mysteriously disappeared along with the entries I made here for the past several months. I did not know if I accidentally deleted it or what. I reported it but until now Blogger has not replied. Somehow this make me think twice about hosting my blog here. But it is a rare case since my other blogs are okay. Anyway, there is not much to do but to begin again and hope for the best. Related Link: How to Backup your Blogspot Blog


dannybuntu said...

Yes it did. Hahaha So that was unintentional?

vince mckelvie said...

hi, i was wondering if you could post a link to that rigging tutorial you had up here. sucks a lot that your blog was removed.

thanks a lot

Temujin said...

I must have been sleepy or something.
Anyway I will try to put all my research back.