Parts of A Flash Game

If you are going to make a Flash game here are the things you need to make.

1. Pre-Loader. Although broadband is the standard connection now a days there are still some who use the internet using slow dialup. A preloader would insure that your player see's something like a percentage counter. Instead of getting the notion that your program might have hanged.

2. Intro Screen. This contains the title of your game.

3. Instruction or Help screen. Helps the player know how to operate the game.

4. Game Level Screens.

5. Game Loop. Is the heart of a Flash game. It is an infinite loop but can be stopped when certain conditions are met. Like if the player completes the game or the game hero or heroes die. The game loop is responsible for tracking the various status of ingame objects and ensuring that they perform their programmed tasks based on player commands and ingame conditions.

6. Game Over / Retry Screen. Shows up when the player loses. It can also show the High Score screen.

7. Credits. Display the people responsible for creating the game as well as the people who helped them make it. This screen can be shown by pressing a button in the intro screen or after the player completes the game.

8. Highscore Screen. Gives a feedback of how the current player performed compared to other previous player of the game.


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