Adobe Flex: How to Embed and Display SWF Assets

I have an swf file, published for Flash Player 9+ that contains two symbols. I am going to need one symbol which is actually a movie clip. This movie clip is named Jar and it comprises of two frames. The first frame is a picture of an okay jar. The second frame contains a picture of a broken jar. How do we embed and display this in Flex 3? (I will assume you are familiar with Flex 3) ...

import mx.core.MovieClipAsset;
import mx.controls.Image; [Embed(source="myassets.swf", symbol="Jar")]
[Bindable] public var JarClass:Class;

... That is about it when declaring it in Flex using Actionscript.
Now lets displaying using a function.
I made a function named init() which I call every time the CreationComplete event of the application is executed.
Here is the function:

private function init():void {

     var myJar:MovieClipAsset = MovieClipAsset(new JarClass());
     myJar.gotoAndStop(2); // Display the second frame
     var zImage:Image = new Image();
    zImage.source = myJar;
    zImage.x = 40; zImage.y = 40; // add to the DisplayObject to make it visible addChild(zImage);

} // init

That's about it.


danpamfil said…
Thanks for simplicity, very good tutorial!
Temujin said…
You're welcome. :)

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