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How to Solve Flash Player Lag/Hiccup

Lately I have been testing a graphic intensive Flash program. I keep running into a problem. At some point in the program the Flash Player would lag or suffer a hiccup.

I went to other websites to see if my I was the only one experiencing this. I was not the only one.

1. I found that this maybe caused by a graphics card driver not being installed.

So I reinstalled the graphics card driver and it seemed to solve it a bit.

But this is not really the end of the story.

2. Flash can also lag if there are too many objects being instantiated in the Flash program. Especially if they are being created inside a loop. This causes Flash player's memory consumption to grow thus causing a lag.

But try to run other Flash programs and see if they lag. Because often it is the programmers fault why Flash lags. He probably did not develop the Flash program optimally.

Update August 2009: Okay guys, you may be wondering if this problem only occurs because you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. Let me tell you, from looking at my web statistics of all the people who landed, let me share to you that this is a problem on all Operating Systems. It does not matter whether you are using Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. We are all experiencing this problem.

What does this mean?

It means Flash programmers must work to use the Flash Player more efficiently. At this point, programmers are doing things that are pushing the Flash Player to its limit - especially with Flash games.

On the otherhand, Lets hope that Adobe comes up with improvements to handle our programs.

Update December 2010:
I am no longer experiencing this problem. I've tested it on Windows XP and Windows 7. Just get the latest Flash Player from the Adobe website.


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