Logitech MX700 Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX700 is both an optical mouse and also cordless mouse. This means you are not impeded by a dangling wire in anyway. There is also no mouse ball so that you wont ever need to clean it. Traditional mouse becomes hard to use when the mouse ball has collected enough dirt.

Technical Specification

This mouse uses RF Technology by way of a small device that you can plug into a USB or PS2 port. Its sensitivity is up to six feet.

Two AA rechargeable batteries is provided.
It comes with a charging station. You don't have to remove the battery when you are charging. And it would take you 18 hours before
you will need to recharge.
Movement resolution is 800 Dpi.

Functional Features

It has a wheel so you can easily scroll down very long documents or website. Or you could use the two cruise control button on its side for same purpose.

Lastly, this wireless mouse looks good.


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