Android vs IPhone

IPhone is the dominant smartphone in todays market. It is closed proprietary technology and therefore only Apple, Inc. can play in this platform.

This is the reason why all other cellphone companies are lining up behind the Android OS. Android is an opensource operating system for smartphones which is backed by Google.

It seems like this smartphone war is similar to the battle between Mac and PC several years ago.  The Macintosh was a very closed desktop computer, while the PC was an open technology.  We all know that the PC won that battle and it became the more dominant desktop computer.

Will the Iphone suffer a similar fate?

Being a software developer I am concerned with this policy of Apple. Of course, when I develop a software, I want full control and I want it to inter operate with other gadgets and other software.

The IPhone might not allow me to do that.  Even more, Apple has to approved every single application submitted before they get to the consumers.

But then again this is only a concern for developers.  Most users would not really care as long as their phone works.

However, because of the Androids openness, there might be more applications developed for this platform in the future.  And this could be a reason that that Android smartphones could overtake the IPhone.


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