Notebook vs Laptop

The notebook or netbook (also called mini-notebook and mini-laptop) was originally designed to be a low cost, low powered alternative to laptops.

The things you will readily notice about a it is that- it is very small (some say cute) compared to a regular laptop. It does not come with a CD/DVD drive. And the screen is small; Only about 7 to 10 inches wide. But it can have a resolution of 1024x600 pixels.

Uses of a Netbook

You can use it to :

1.Check emails
2.Surf the Internet
3.Listening to Music
4.Watch Online Videos
5.Write and Edit Documents
6.Internet Chat
7.Play Casual Games

Why should you consider buying a netbook instead of a laptop?

1. If you travel a lot and you always need to be connected.
2. If you are you like working in cafes or beach resorts.
3. If you want something light
4. If you want something that's not bulky

Why you shouldn't buy a netbook?

1.You are going to use it to for graphics editing
2.You are going to do 3D Modeling
3.You will demo a software
4.You plan to code a software program

Basically if you are going to use as a general replacement for a desktop you are better off buying a laptop instead.


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