HTC Hero : Smartphone for Flash Gamers and Youtubers

So you are waiting for your friends. And they are going to be late as usual. Now what do you do?

You reach inside your pocket and you find an IPhone.

You thought there is nothing left to do but listen to some music you downloaded, fool around with that silly ifart program, or play with some IPhone games.


That's so 1990's man.

What you really need is an HTC Hero smartphone. So that you can go to play those cool flash games. And after you get tired of that, you can go to Youtube so you can watch some funny clips.

IPhones Don't Like Flash

Again if you are using an Iphone you are basically Flash blind.  For some reason Apple, Inc. doesn't want to support Flash.

So here is your HTC Hero with some interesting Specs:

Operating System: Android
Camera: 5.0 Megapixel color camera with autofocus (this means you can take crisp pictures even if you have shaky hands)
Audio support: MP3, AAC(AAC, AAC+, AAC-LC), AMR-NB, WAV, MIDI and Windows Media® Audio 9
Video support: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and Windows Media® Video 9
Battery Life: up to 470 minutes talk time and 440 hours standby
GPS: Internal GPS Antenna

But most of all one of features that is going to be your favorite is that it makes it easy to use Twitter from within the phone.


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