Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Similarities Between Wine Making and Blogging

I created some new blogs this week for experimental purposes. They have already been indexed but their absolutely getting zero traffic. I created some links pointing to them. But still same result - no traffic. Then I tried to recall when this blog first gained traffic, as well as my Kubuntu tutorial blog. For this blog, I recall that I got traffic ( without any promotion and linking building) after about two weeks. What happened was I started to receive visitors that were searching for "bad side of the internet". But it would take a couple of months more before it gained considerable visitors without me doing anything. My Kubuntu tutorial (which was my very first blog), I got traffic about a month. But I could say it really started to tend for itself after six months. And now I have this 3D Modeling blog, which I have almost given up on. Yet suddenly, it is starting to get traffic this past week. It has been seven months since I started that blog. I have never promoted it. And I rarely update it.

I guess you realize now why I entitled this post - The Similarities Between Wine Making and Blogging. Because their only startling similarity is - Age!

Note to self - we should not be discouraged if our new blogs or websites are not getting any traffic. Just keep posting and let them age. Because like wine, the older they get; the more valuable they become.


dannybuntu said...

Nice comparison.

I'd like to think of traffic as synaptic interfaces comingling in a central repository called Google.

These people are searching for something. Google fetches it for them. There are mountains, plateaus and even valleys. All they need is a trigger. Trigger the electrical signals that start the chain reaction.

Most bloggers blog about current issues because the triggers are more easily switched on because the spotlight of collective thought is focused on that temporality. Similar synaptic configurations create a chain reaction with the need to spread out the signal to various other neurons. This creates a viral spread of the said electrical signal in an exponential manner.

I'd like to view traffic as waves. It subsides it emerges, it subsides it emerges - collectively.

Temujin said...

Woah. hehe. That was deep man.