Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Always Beginning

You might think that my activity here starts and end with each post. Actually, it is just a start. I still do a lot of other things after I have posted.

I wait and observe different variables . I experiment what type of post gets visitors. And those that don't. I experiment which types of promotions are effective and lasting. And those that are not. I think I have already figured out what I need to do. And so it is time for me to apply what I learned into practice. In the past I tried to limit this blog to technology. But now I will no longer do that. I will still post articles about technology but I wont limit myself to that as consciously as I have done in the past.  Actually, you might have noticed that I have been doing that since a couple of days ago. My recent post were mostly about opinions.

To give you a hint of what I learned:

The hardest promotion to work for is the social media kind. It can give you a burst of web traffic but it only for a very short while. This means you have to work on a new campaign if you want another burst of visitors.

On the otherhand, the easiest promotion to work for is the search engine kind. You can post an article aimed at search engines. If you did it effectively you will you attract visitors whether you post another article again or not. And this is the kind that is ideal to aim for. Why? Because it is less work. And you will have time to do other things.

So there. I will still post about technology. After all, I'm primarily an IT guy. But I'm not going to limit myself.


dannybuntu said...

Tsssooong asan ka? Nabenta na ang sulit........................Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Temujin said...

really? sino bumili? how much?

I'm going to tweak this site for SEO. ;)