Monday, February 23, 2009

The Internet, Broadband Connection, Browser Tab Interface, and Attention Deficit Disorder

Have you ever logged on to the Internet looking for something? And while you were doing your research you realized you can open another tab in your browser to check the latest news. And while you are at it you open another tab listen to a music stream. And then you open another tab to play a massively multiplier online game. And then while you were doing all those things you decide to open another tab so that you can watch video streams.

Ah, the convenience of having endless websites to visit, a very fast internet connection, and a user friendly internet browser.

But as you get used to these perks, do you ever feel that it’s getting harder to focus?

I have read that Attention Deficit Disorder begins from childhood and continues throughout a person’s adult life. But is there a case when an adult never had this problem but gains it because of his lifestyle and activities? Or does it lie dormant or perhaps subdued, but somehow the endless choice presented by technology aggravates it?

Can technophiles ever be saved?

So far, the best cure I’ve found is to unplug the Ethernet cable from the DSL modem.


konnie said...

To answer your question, i think that it the ADHD may infact have been lying subdued. Maybe when certain factors such as stress arise, it triggers an ADHD reaction in them? If im not mistaken, Autism, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder are all potential pitfalls when a child doesn't have proper child development. Therefore, it might already be present in them since young.

Temujin said...

Interesting thought.