Back from Neverland

Wow. I leave for couple of weeks and the traffic has dropped 75%. Lol. I guess blogging is kind of like office work. In the office you are slave to the bosses. With blogging we are slave of our readers and the almighty search engine - Google.

Google show me some love please. Bring back the precious traffic. I promise I will try to update as often as I can. Please.

Anyway, kidding aside, where have I been? I would like to tell you that I have been hauled in the basement for the past weeks. The only problem is we don't have a basement.

So let me just say, I have been busy with something. Here is an article about  Flash Game Development to give you an idea.

Programming games is what got me interested in computer science in the first place. It is something that I always wanted to do.

It has not been a viable profession years ago unless you live in the US. Not until the past two years. Thanks to the internet, now anyone can enter this industry irregardless of where you are in the world.

And since this blog is actually my technical journal expect that I will share with you my experiences as I try to turn my ideas into codes.


dannybuntu said…
Well, I am reading a book about: "Beginning Programming for Dummies" I am in page 10, I think.

Other than that, don't worry about traffic. The whole blog and earn thing is an unsustainable myth propagated by those who want more people to connect to the Internet.

For example, Google. Getting people connected to the internet first means that people would actually have to search for something to know where to go on the internet. :)

Google's psycho-shrink cum information marketing technologists discovered that curiously - nobody is ever wrong on the internet. Everybody thinks that their opinion is correct (including mine of course) - that is of course until they developed the vote up and vote down mechanism for comments.

What more reason to give people to use the internet than the illusion that they will get paid to give their 2 cents on anything for the world to see.

Brilliant stroke of social engineering I might say.

So the success of Google cannot be attributed solely on its algorithms and gmail - it's a keen grasp on the basic of human necessities. (Think hierarchy of needs)

Acceptance. Money.

Where else in the world would they accept social deviants like the emo kids? Where else in the world would they accept the radical left, right and even the radical center? :)

Where else in the world?

Nowhere but in this mish mash of copper wires, fiber optics, utp cat 5 cables, computers, routers, etc. etc.

Remember advertisements that cannot be seen by people are not advertisements. Imagine a Google empire without the requisite number of eyeballs staring at the multicolored letters: G-O-O-G-L-E.

So, like Bill Gates gamble in selling a yet to be conceived operating system to IBM - Google made a gamble in blogspot - actually made it a word in the dictionary (I think), cultured this universal need for money by humanity packaged it and presto. Google has a whole legion of zombies typing away with the promise of monetary remuneration.

Every now and then these geniuses have to feed the illusion with some semblance of reality: a little article by a personality saying "Ooh wow, I earned a trillion dollars just typing in my pajamas about my kitty cat on some thing called a blog." And they do actually get paid.

If you know about Jueteng you would understand the system. Let a few people win so that many more would bet.

Whew. Sorry tsong. My brain is on overdrive.
Temujin said…
whew. that was plenty pare. haha.
but we do earn from Google. my blogging partner and I have received a couple of checks already. and we are expecting another one next month.

it is still not much though but I think I have discovered the trick.

anyway. am always glad to hear from you.

with regards to what I am doing right now. I have a whole cabinet full of art books so one day I said - what the hell. might as well make use of them.

so here i am trying something new. :)
dannybuntu said…
Hmmmm. Interesting. But can you really work at home with the income? Remember you have to share it with your partner pa di ba.

May I ask which website it is?
Temujin said…
We got a lot of blogs covering different topics including this one. but we don't update them everyday.

we just update every once in a while when we feel like writing.

right now. we are not making a living out of it. coz we never really focused.

But I'm sure someone could make a living out of it.

Yun nga lang. It is still a hard job if you do. You have to treat it like an office job. You really have to work to get your sites promoted and have very good traffic.

That's the secret really. You must have traffic. Tapos it's a game of probability na lang.

I still do consulting as my main source of income.

But it's nice extra income to receive once in a while.

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