Thursday, February 17, 2011

Running Multiple Operating Systems in One Computer

For a long time I was unable to brush up my skills in Linux because there was no available computer to install it. I did not want to make my PC dual booth since in the past it proved to come with a lot of hassle. Sometimes if something goes wrong with one OS it also affected my other OS. That is why I did want to do that anymore.

Fortunately, I recently stumbled upon VirtualBox. I was helping a friend create a forked process in her program and we needed to do it in Linux. And instead of installing Linux on a separate partion, we decided to use a virtual machine software instead.

VMWare is the most popular virtualization software but I wanted to look for something that is opensource and free. Luckily there is VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is the only free and opensource virtualization software. It is licensed under GPL 2. Development is currently being spearheaded by Oracle. It works with Intel and AMD processors.

I am currently using it to run Ubuntu 10.10 and Kubuntu 10.4. I am hoping to use it to run Android and Apple's IOS.