Monday, November 15, 2010

CoreTemp: Monitor Your CPU Temperature and Load

I am a big fan of AMD CPUs. They are cheap and just as fast and reliable as Intel CPUs. But a few years ago, its cooling system was an issue. Intel based computers will not start if the CPU temperature is to high. But not for early AMD CPUs. It would continue to run regardless of the temperature.

That is why in my early days as an IT professional, I managed to burn three CPUs.

But these days this is not a problem anymore. You can set your BIOS to stop the computer when the central processing unit reaches a certain temperature threshold.

Still, if you are curious about monitoring your CPU temperature and load, you can use CoreTemp. It works for both Intel and AMD based computers.

This program can be useful in determining whether you need to improve your computer ventilation. Perhaps you might need more fans or more powerful fans to lower your CPU temperature.