Nanostar Siege 1.8.1: Good Game Play Bad Maintainer

The latest version of Nanostar Siege is 1.8.1. It was released just this September 20, 2010.

There are a few changes:

1. You can now test your defense with your own attack units.
2. You can place as many special units: Standard Bearer, Bard, Sergeant in the field.
This can help a lot when you are attacking a player who has more powerful set of heroes. But it is going to cost you more gold so you still have to decide if a player is work attacking based on gold cost.
3.The 'Army Reserved' has been replaced by 'Battle Points'. Like in the case of Reserve in the previous version, Battle Points is what determines how many times you can attack other players.

You will have 3 Battle Points maximum. 1 Battle Point is generated every 3 hours.
You can gain additional Battle Points by attacking your friends. But it will be rewarded to you randomly. Or you can purchase it with real money.

Good Game Bad Maintainer
Nanostar Siege has very good game play. It is a combination of a card battle game and tower defense. The problem is that the maintainers seem to have a knack for alienating their players.

The Battle Point system is the worst update they have made. Not only do you pay for the Cards to have more powerful heroes, now they are even forcing the players to pay so that they will be able to play.

Yes you can earn Battle Points randomly by attacking your friends by I'm sure that my friends would not like it when they see that I keep attacking them.

Unless they come up with something more suitable to replace the Battle Point system, I say pass to this game.


They shortened the time when the battle points are automatically gained to an acceptable duration.


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