Monday, July 12, 2010

NanoStar Siege Basic Strategy Guide

About a month ago, I discovered an action strategy game in Facebook called Nanostar Siege. It has been my favorite game in Facebook eversince. To get a basic information about how this game is played you can read the Nanostar Siege Guide that I've written earlier. But on this post we will talk about how to win the game more often.

Basic Strategy

As I have said before, there are three basic units in the game: swordsmen, archers, and slayers. Before the start of the battle you are allowed to choose which combination of units you will use, how many, as well as their formation. Let's talk about...

If the defender uses Archers as their front, the best unit to place infront of your own formation are Slayers. Slayers move fast. They will be able to close the gap with the archers very quickly.

If you use a swordsman to attack a frontline of Archers, you can be sure that your first two swordsmen will die before they reach the archers.

Swordsman moves very slowly as compared to Slayers.

If you are facing a frontline of Slayers. The best counter is to use Swordsmen with Archers behind them.

Other things you should know is that Slayers are the best unit when it comes to attacking structures. They can quickly diminish the morale of the opposing castle. And then the next best unit for attacking strutures are Swordsmen.

Archers, on the other hand, gives poor damage when attacking structures. That is why when Archers happen to be at the front hitting the other players castle, I just let them die so that my Slayers or Swordsmen can take over.

And now that you learn the basic strategies, it's time for you to learn more advanced tactics: How to Keep Winning in NanoStar Siege.


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This sounds interesting :) I just might play it.