Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blocking Adware with Firefox NoScript Add On

Last time we talked about blocking popups from and Thankfully Firefox has already solved this problem. Update your browser to 3.0.4 version to make it go away.

But in case another malware is irritating you. You can use the NoScript add on for Firefox.

To Install:
1. Go to
2. Right now NoScript is the first add on you will find there.
3. Simply click on "Add to Firefox" button to install.
4. In case you did not find it, simply do a search for "NoScript".
5 . After installing it you will need to restart your browser.

What this Add on does is to strictly block Javascript, Flash, Java, and other plugin on all web sites. You will have to right click on the NoScript bar to find several options to unblock the site you are viewing. You can find more information from NoScript's official website.

However I don't recommend this solution because - you may have blocked the adware does not mean that it is no longer there. The best solution is still to remove the problem.

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solutions said...

Actually, I have the newest firefox, and NoScript, but when I visit (for example), the advertisements still link to sites!! And they are all about increasing your manhood, stuff like that, extremely annoying.

The popups stopped, but how the hell do I get the normal advertisements back?

Temujin said...

I suggest you still scan your PC for any trojan or malware.

Actually before this attack attacked became worsed in my network I noticed a hidden file boot.exe in C:/Program Files/Startup

If it was a system program owned by Windows then it was not supposed to be there.

So obviously it's an exploit.

I also found a hidden folder in my C: drive that is also not a part of Windows.

I only saw it when I enabled the display of Windows protected directories.